Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dance around the world with me

Winter break is coming to an end and students are heading back to campus for the semester. It's our final semester as undergraduates at Marquette. In a few months, a piece of paper and ceremony will confirm that I am educated. Yikes.

Until that afternoon in May, we've got big plans. When I say we, I mean my lovely roommate and I. As a transfer student I have been so blessed to have made such a wonderful friend, and I truly don't know what I would have done without her during this time at school! So for our last semester our goal is to of course stay on top of our education, but also to enjoy each night and each moment here at this school, and here with each other. It's strange to think that this is the final semester of our youth. There are a lot of really big adventures ahead of us and we're excited and ready to embrace it, but we have to do the same with the time we have left!

Last night most of campus was reunited, and we were able to spend time doing our favorite thing with some of our favorite people...dancing!! No matter where we are or who we are
with, we cannot stop dancing. For us, there is no better way to let go of every emotion that isn't pure joy and happiness. Why else do we all have a dancing face?
Yes, a dancing face, and yes, you have one.
The face where you crinkle your forehead in concentration, and pucker your lips with sass.

These are dancing faces.
We never said we danced well, by any definition. ...And I do have friends that are great dancers.
The kind that study the moves of celebrities and artists, and dance as if they're in a music video.
It's very impressive and entertaining to watch, but I don't need a dance lesson every time I'm at the bar.
Our favorite kind is the arms flailing, lip biting, foot stomping, are they insane?, dance-your-face-off kind of dancing. When you really dance like no one's watching, but in reality the entire bar is staring at you.
It's an amazing feeling when you can find someone that will dance with you at that level.

If you're a more shy, self-conscious individual, I encourage you to set your fears aside, throw your hands in the air and maybe even just "move your hips like yeah," ...just like Miley. It's an amazing feeling, and you just might have the best night ever.

Welcome to 2010, and welcome
to the final semester. It's gonna be a good one.


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