Monday, December 28, 2009


Somehow music always gets it right. Every emotion and every memory can be caught in a song - sometimes they give you the perfect words and sometimes they take all of your words away.
(this blog is likely to be filleddd with music, so get ready).

I heard this the other day and it stated exactly how I felt; described exactly what I was going through.
I love hearing a song and feeling like they wrote it just for me. So thanks, Ingrid!

People are funny. We are so stubborn and close minded, so good at getting wrapped up in something and then refusing to let it go, even if it's dead.
I am especially good at this, and especially slow at accepting the reality of it all.
I just recently said goodbye to a very impactful person in my life... It's amazing how badly you can break your own heart by breaking anothers. Even when it's for the best and you've seen it coming, it still just sucks.

But despite how painful it is, it's amazing how many people we encounter within our lifetime, and how we can touch each other so deeply that we are forever changed. Even if the relationship is temporary, the effect is permanent. I'm so thankful to have experienced something like this. I'm even more thankful for those that have been in my life all along, and so excited for those that are just now entering.
At the end of the day, there is still so much to look forward to :)

At this very moment the universe is trying to manifest miracles through your visions, intuitions, and longings. Imagine that your inklings are God's whispers to your heart. The same God that gave you the idea will give you the means and support to see it through. The world is being transformed through people like you, who love themselves enough to trust their inner guidance, and relax enough to let the universe take care of the means.
-Alan Cohen


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