the color blue: the color of faith, inspiration and sincerity. open communication, truth and moderation. confidence, strength and protection. calmness and relaxation. the color blue. the color of my life.

Hi :) I'm a twenty-something June-baby, born and raised in the kind-hearted Midwest. Lover of candid photos, eager to capture all of life's little moments. Feels at home when floating on a lake. Raised on sailboats and snow skis. Uses running, chocolate and wine as therapy. Working to give the world of swim-bike-run a tri. Stops for lucky pennies. Born wearing a smile and anxious to share the accessory. Lives for Him, and seeks comforting discomfort in an everlasting faith. Finds fulfillment in the world of service. Would find great pleasure eating breakfast for every meal. Addicted to chapstick. Seeks out the dance floor simply to own it. Promises to learn how to cook, someday. Finds treasure in handwritten letters. Believes love should be spread like the plague. A typically untypical girl in the professional world, and loving independent living. Sponge to all forms of beauty and design - Consider this blog my bucket to overflow. 

Take a look around and don't be shy :)
I hope you enjoy the shades of blue!

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