Saturday, February 23, 2013

not cool, Robert Frost!

i'm late to the party, i know. but if you are like me and have yet to watch kid president, please take a few minutes. it'll make your heart smile. 

give the world a reason to dance...get to it! 

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my weekend daily playlist. can't get enough. 

for this one, you just have to let it play....all 9 minutes :)
(okay maybe I stop at 6 min sometimes, but it's still so good)

happy weekend.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

recent happenings.

sometimes we skype. sometimes we do bible studies via skype, and i feel like the luckiest girl in the world. other times i try to skype and darth vader shows up in place of my boyfriend. normal.
luckily he (my boyfriend, not darth vader) just moved downtown so skype is no longer necessary. welcome MRE to MKE :) cheers to being in the same zip code for the first time in 3+ years! 
i tried to go to Target for a tweezers and a hand-held vacuum...only. silly me. i left with half the store. remember those bright pillows i wanted? found them. and the neutral sheer knit? found that too. ...and the snakeskins i've been dreaming up. and a clock, and a case for my sunnies...both of which i needed. and a scarf of my favorite color combos. i even found a piggy bank! really kerstin? really! 
and then i dropped it and it shattered into a million pieces. did i take that as a sign? nope. i mustered the most charming smile i could, apologized sweetly, picked up another piggy and scampered away (i offered to help first!). needless to say, i felt dirty after i walked out the door. the tweezers and vacuum mission escalated rather quickly.
it's been pretty chilly lately and we're finally getting the wisco snow. so michael and i met for a running date. i always forget how beautiful winter runs are. skip the treadmill, friends. layer up and head outdoors!
as i was folding laundry one night there was a huge boom. i thought little of it (dangerously desensitized!) but then the power went out...and it never came back on. a sewer explosion led to a blackout, so my neighbors had a block party with candles and wine and gave each other home-tours like on MTV cribs. not a bad way to see the other units and meet your neighbors :)
i was especially thankful to have family nearby so they could rescue and feed me, and michael nearby so i could sleep in heat and shower the next morning!
just before valentine's day i came across this quote. usually i think the term "soulmate" is lame...but this time, this time i'm all for it. 
i got a sinus infection. but i also got my new Sorel's in the mail :) apparently my legs shrank too. 
we spent a night in chicago for the Hockey City Classic. michael and the boys dabbled in scotch flights, and the girls danced on stage with a gang of clowns at the explanation for that one. and then we all froze at the hockey game the next day. (had to represent wisco in camo...keep it classy) Go Badgers! 

hope ya'll had a good week! 

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

arctic treatment.

My Hunters aren't making the cut this winter. I bought them last year with the cute little boot liners and felt so clever having one pair of boots to keep my feets dry and warm all year round. 
Silly me. Those rubbers don't stand a chance in Wisconsin winters. (it's currently 10 degrees outside)
I love Hunters for the rainy season, but once the temperature starts dropping my toes can only stay awake for an hour max before they fall into a freezing coma. No one likes to be the first whiner that needs to thaw out inside and miss the outdoor fun, so I've decided its time for an alternative.  My boyfriend's family often uses Sorel boots, claiming that they last for years and years on end. After browsing the Sorel website, I fell in love with the style. They're the American classics of boots! 
The Joan of Arctic boots are my favorite. They change the perception of "arctic treatment," making it look like the coziest retreat of winter. My feets will be happy, plus they're on sale, so my wallet will be too. #winning

See for yourself at Sorel, Zappos, and Nordstrom
Photos are courtesy of those websites

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Thursday, January 31, 2013


If you're visiting my page and things look a little off-kilter, don't be alarmed, I am under construction!  I'm giving my blog a little facelift and trying to teach myself a few tricks along the way, so thank you for your patience :)

In the meantime, which design below do you like best for my new header? I'm going for a much cleaner, more simple look, and I'm having a hard time deciding which one I like best. (shocker)

Let me know what you think!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

catching up.

It's been months, and I hate missing let's catch up :)
Here are some things worth mentioning from the past few months, and I'll fill in the gaps later...
Only the first few pictures appear on my home page, but you can click "read more" below to view the entire post." Sneaky new tricks :)

Halloween happened. Pumpkins glowed in the sunset and were later carved into silly faces.
Michael and I went to our first haunted housed together...and laughed. What? #middleschoolzombiesarentscary
Michael had a birthday. I decorated. #quarterofacentury
The Badgers played in a heavenly scene.
We cheered.


I've missed you. 
And then I tried to forget about you.
And then I missed you again. 
Real talk? I've had a love hate relationship with the blogging world lately. 
I've ignored it, fearing that if I spent too much time on it I would always want something that I couldn't have. I would get lost in the Pinterest and Blogger envy. I would fix my eyes on what's pleasing to the world instead of what's pleasing to God. 
That might get an eye-roll out of some of you, but I'm sure at one point you've felt a sense of dissatisfaction after browsing the beautiful highlight reel of someone else's life, suddenly wanting a new wardrobe, a more glamorous home, or a toned body. But that's all that it is: a highlight reel. We're comparing our full story to their highlight reel, and they will never match up. It's exhausting to compare, to always want, and to never be satisfied. 
To stay away from such exhaustion and to keep my mind in the right place (looking up!), I've needed to take a break from the blog every now and then. Clearly I haven't quite found my balance. 
I've had the urge to post my blog everywhere, eager to share with family and friends, while also wanting to delete it and start over so that no one is aware of it. I can sometimes feel myself trying to entertain others instead of simply giving myself an outlet. 
That's what this blog is, or at least, what it's supposed to be. My outlet. "My bucket to overflow." For me, and no one else. But every time I've visited my blog over the past few months I've felt pangs of guilt to instead use my time to catch up for work, continue my bible study, study for the GRE exam, work out, or (insert the never-ending pile of overdue projects here). To do something "productive" so that I feel better about myself, and so God feels better about me. #dumb.
We all face it. We glorify the word "busy" and overload our schedules. 
Our obligatory to-do list is so long that we're overwhelmed with discomfort when straying, to...I don't Blogging didn't make the cut. 
I love lists. and I love prioritizing tasks. But I'm starting to learn that these strategies belong mainly in the workplace. (Can't believe I'm rejecting lists right now)
As for the rest of life? We need a little more grace. Don't get me wrong, we need to stay motivated and keep up with our responsibilities, but we need to stop striving for Busy. We can't forget to simply Be, and allow ourselves to do what we Feel, not just what we Should. 
Luckily my boyfriend is learning how to read my mind. When listening to my plans for the night he suddenly said, "You know, it's OKAY to have a hobby, and you don't always need to worry about what you should be doing when you're actually doing something you enjoy."
...the wisdom! 
Apparently I needed some affirmation to ditch the to-do list and simply enjoy every now and then...via blogging...hah. It sounds really dorky, but it felt like a breath of fresh air. 
So I'm back. and I'm ready to make some visual changes. and I'm aiming to hold a loyal presence.
and I'm going to be my typically quirky self. and my hope is to glorify God, so I'm going to honor the life and gifts He's given me, but I'm also going to appreciate the blessings He's poured on others...mostly in the form of fashion, decor, and other beauties ;) 

...and I'm not going to feel guilty about it. 
Amazing grace! He loves me the same immeasurable amount, today and tomorrow and the next, no matter what I do. 

Blog on, homies.
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