Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

Can you say Cabin Fever?
I thought I'd love this snow day - tackling my to do list or just relaxing.
Reality called, and I'm restless.
What are you doing on your snow day? Or are you one of the luckies that's sitting in 70 degree sun?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Divine Romance

My girlfriend from high school just recently got engaged and is quickly putting a wedding together before her fiance gets stationed across the country for the Air Force. She's the first of my close friends to get married and she asked me to be her bridesmaid. Holy cow!!!! (but more on that later.) So I've been doing my wedding research to make sure every detail is perfect for her big day, and I was reminded of this video of two old friends of mine.

I was blessed to have these two in my life for about a year, and I've never seen such a beautiful relationship. They were high school sweethearts, together through college and then surviving an across-the-nation relationship for a few years after. I met them on a mission trip in Jamaica and they both impacted my life in a tremendous way. They're so in love, which is only amplified by their hilarious and genuine friendship, all on top of a foundation of faith. I feel like that's the golden recipe. I wasn't able to share their special day with them, but watching this video always brings me to tears. I hope everyone is so lucky to have a beautiful relationship and celebration like theirs!


Whatever. Whenever.

Sooo I've been MIA :)
I'm sorry. Life got a little crazy for awhile and my blog was becoming an inspirational billboard, one quote at a time. Needless to say I needed a little sweet solitude, and now I'm back and brimming with inspiration! Hooray!!

My parents were away in Arizona all week sending me photos like this:

While I played mommy to the Buddy pup and dealt with headlines like this:

However, having the house to myself for a week felt like this:
(cue choir of angels)

I've never lived alone and after an amazing week in solitude, I think it is next on my to-do list. The freedom was fantastic. You know, long showers and bubble baths, getting dressed (or not)..whenever, eating whatever, having control over the remote control AND the dinner menu, blaring music and dancing around...whenever. I even organized almost half of the closets in my house. AWESOME! Basically the whatever/whenever lifestyle really took a liking to me.
But until I'm out on my own, I'll go hang with my roomies (mom/dad) and eat their home-cooked meals while we endure the oncoming "snowpocalypse." ..It's a wonderful life. :)



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