Friday, May 16, 2014

let's make out.

Polka Dots - Gold Watercolor Print  Art Print

I came across the lovely Jenna Leigh a few weekends ago and have since favorited her blog AND started following her on instagram. #creepalert!
She's quite the photographer, she has a heart for the Lord and her new print shop has me swooning.  I'm going to have to reprogram my gallery wall so I can include at least one of these beauties! 
Let's Make Out - Black and White Watercolor Print  Art Print
Floral Print - Watercolor Painting Art Print
  Awake my Soul - Watercolor Print  Art PrintLet's be Adventurers - Watercolor Floral Wreath Print  Art PrintI Love You Much Most Beautiful Darling - Black and White Watercolor Print  Art Print
Browse more of her hand-painted prints (and shop!) here

 photo Screenshot2013-01-31at71256PM_zps90a91fad.png


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