Wednesday, April 23, 2014

gallery life.

My empty-frame gallery needs a facelift.  
It's now been with me through two apartments for the length of three years, and I suppose I'm getting spring fever.  In my first apartment it hung on the wall of my reading nook, and in my current it hangs on the main wall of my living room.  
Though I loved the DIY (post to come), I think its time to bid farewell.  

 Cue the inspiration.  

photos via 
 I adore these galleries!  The character, sass, personality - it's like an autobiography hanging from your wall.  For the past few months I've been searching to collect just the right blend of personal photos, written prints, artwork and other knick knacks to create my ideal look.
I get caught between the refined look of evenly distributed matching white frames, versus the eclectic blend of mismatched frames and organized chaos.  I'm thinking I'll go with the latter, because let's be honest…my autobiography would not be refined :) 
 photo Screenshot2013-01-31at71256PM_zps90a91fad.png

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