Tuesday, October 23, 2012

turtlenecks are sexy too

It's true! At least thats what I've been telling myself. 
It gets pretty chilly in this part of the world so turtlenecks become a "go to" item during the fall and winter seasons. I'm guilty of owning a rainbow of options.
Despite the comfort, it's difficult to shake the nagging question, "Do I look like my Grandma in this?"
My strategy in silencing this question has been to accessorize and provide balance. 
Pair it with a chunky necklace or bright scarf, in addition to a blazer or vibrant sweater.  And the bottom half?  Hold on to your sexy youth with a flattering jean and sassy heels.  For the office, add a form-fitting pencil skirt and again, more heels! I'm always amazed at the difference a shoe can make. 
These tips have kept me holding on to this item-for-all-ages, 
so I was thrilled to find my ideals reinforced by Refinery29.

Read the full article and enjoy your turtlenecks in confidence!


Monday, October 22, 2012

tired. just tired.

 i so wish.

this little doggie makes me laugh so stinkin' hard.
wishing you all, and hoping for, a rejuvenating night of sleep.

...but wouldn't it be great if tomorrow was cancelled?!

thank you, Pinterest


fear of commitment

I love my little apartment but I'm feeling the need to autumnize it. Yes, autumnize. 
It's filled with pale and royal blues (shocking), and an occasional splash of yellow and coral-red. These splashes are kept to a very small minimum, so the blue-ness brings about a constant feel of spring and summer. It's wonderfully light but unseasonal once the temperatures fall.
There are so many areas for improvement (note: window treatments), but since I have less than a year left in this apartment, I don't want to invest too much into a temporary place. 

Cue Caitlin Wilson and all of her glorious talent in pillow-design. 
The perfect low-commitment solution to decor.
 I think its time to up the anty of golden and coral hues, perhaps with some navy and gray in between? Consider the collage below my inspiration board.
I'm slowly going to become a pillow hoarder and I'm totally okay with it.

How are you decorating for fall?


Sunday, October 21, 2012

a pretty neat folk life.

My best friend is finishing PT school and just spent 3 months in North Carolina for a clinical rotation. When her program was complete, her brother and I flew down to drive her home. 
...road trip! 
Cue this song, which we sang/whistled throughout.
We spent most of our time exploring the very quaint Asheville, NC and then spent a number of hours in awe as we drove through the Appalachian mountains through Tennessee and Kentucky. The mountain trees were in the peak of fall, creating the image of a wall of fire. Our cameras only left us disappointed, so we drooled and yelled with our faces up against the car windows. We enjoyed some folk music, overused the word "neat," and made up for lost time. 
We could have spent weeks driving throughout the South, picking up their accents and eating their amazing grits, but it was a wonderful quick weekend with two of my favorites! 
Hope you had a great weekend!


Monday, October 15, 2012

the autumn list.

I'm a list maker. For all things. 
The "Notes" app on my iPhone is overflowing with them. 
From songs to download, books to read, gifts to buy (no peeking!), groceries, and of course, clothes. 
Whenever I find something I like or "need," I add it to my list. Then when I feel the urge to shop, I'm prepared and hopefully disciplined enough to not stray from said list (at least that's what I tell myself). This season is no different, so take a look at my list of autumn additions.

  1. Neutral over sized cable-knit via J.Crew
  2. Not your every day studs via Etsy. I need a little variety in my ears. Emphasis on little. I like studs for every day wear, so it's great to find an original eclectic pair. 
  3. I already own a black leather so I'd like to make room for it's softer-colored sister, the bomber brown via Banana 
  4. Gold chunky cigar ring via Shopbop
  5. Smokin' Hot hue, perfect for fall via Essie
  6. Neutral fleece jacket to act as my fall uniform via Patagonia. Fingers crossed that the grey shades overpower the brown, since it's already purchased and on its way (!!)
  7. Classic black skinnies via J.Crew

My closet has become quite the rainbow since the warmer seasons, 
so I'm excited to mellow out and cozy up with fall neutrals. 
What's on your autumn list?


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Music and wine.

What better combo? 
I saw Jon Mclaughlin in concert by accident  six years ago in Chicago and I fell in love with his voice, anddd his amazing piano skills. AND he loves Jesus. AND he has a new song with Sara Bareilles (favorites!!). This song just popped up on my iTunes and his melodies are perfect for a cold windy fall evening. Per usual, excuse the cheesy youtube video.
Pour a glass of wine and snuggle in. 
(and then check out the rest of his songs)
(and then just check him out... ;) )


Take to the Open

Canvas Lands' End is gaining speed (remember my girl crush?), and as I was bopping around their website I discovered that they have a blog! And a pretty awesome one at that. Probably because it's Wisconsin-based (I'm biased), but it has a great eclectic feel and I'm digging their mantra above. 
"It's a nod to our past, but more importantly, it's a big lean toward the future."
Brilliant marketing. I feel so much closer to the brand. 

Check it out! CNVSBLG


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boden white.

Are ya'll familiar with Boden?
 (I ended my day with a conference call to Georgia...I pick up accents quickly. #sorryImnotsorry #wannabeSouthern #thisisBloggernotTwitterWHAT)
One of my girlfriends started getting their catalog and I drool over it every time I visit her apartment. 
I was poking around their website and was thrilled to discover a trio of beautiful white blouses. My favorite wardrobe staples are white cotton long sleeve shirts and white blouses. 
I'd wear one every day if I could, and I often buy them 2-3 at a time because I hate to be without! 
Some say boring, I say classic. And these little numbers give the white blouse new personality, and would be perfectly paired with a bright cardigan or your favorite fall blazer. 
I also appreciate how they display their clothes, using catalog photos instead of the typical studio/white backdrop scene. Three cheers for personality. It really enhances the online shopping experience, and I sure do love my online shopping :) 

Be sure to check out Bodenusa.com


Friday, October 5, 2012

oh it was fun.

This song acted as my Friday stress relief. Many thanks to the Mumford & Sons Pandora station for introducing me to this happy little song. Brightened my day!

Hope your weekend is as fun as this song! 


watercolor gallery.

I'm loving these watercolor-esque prints I found on Pinterest. 
Feminine and fun, and perfect to hang as a mock gallery wall. 
I have a blank wall space that's calling out for a shelf and some adornments. I think I just found its fix! 
I started searching for more watercolor beauties on Etsy and I found a goldmine.
Introducing the talented works of Jessica Durrant...

These are just a few of my favorites. Be sure to check out her Etsy page and see the full collection!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my home.


bungalows in fall.

 I've been consistently drawn to these photos
The color schemes. The warmth. The texture. They've got me hooked.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to own a similar-looking bungalow in the mountains of Switzerland or some other beautiful country? I'd imagine goats and piggies (!!!) roaming about outside, and looking out my window to see endless landscapes. 
...A girl can dream.
Until then, I think I'll frame these sights and use them as fall decor in my little apartment.

Here's a more practical (and equally beautiful) fall porch from the lovely Sarah at The Yellow Cape Cod . I just discovered her blog and it's definitely worth checking out - she's got talent!

Do you have a porch to decorate?  I dream of the day.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday in the Park

After an exhausting weekend, sometimes we need a little crisp fall air to bring us back to life. 
I sat at a picnic table for an hour or so, reading, writing and watching the people around me. 
Every now and then we need a moment to just "be" - I think that's when the blessings hit us.



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