Friday, May 27, 2011

Priti Blue

The other day I wanted to paint my nails, and as I was already envisioning my typical shade of red or pink, Michael said, "You should try something new."
What? You care about my nail polish? He's a guy's guy, so I was impressed.
"You should paint them blue!"
Granted, anytime I ask for a color suggestion, you're safe with recommending the color blue.
(funny how that phrase just creeps right in there!)
But to no surprise, he was one step ahead of me..

Sally Hansen's shade seems a little too vibrant for me but I'm loving the Priti blue!

Would you wear blue nail polish? What's your go-to color?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

On your back with your racks as the stacks as your load

It's past 8 and the sun is only beginning to set in Wisconsin, but the cold and windy temps make it a night perfect for Bon Iver.

Can't wait for this long weekend ahead! Hope you're all able to relax and enjoy!


A Skip in Her Step and a Twinkle in Her Eye

I never tire of this.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I came across a new-to-me blog, Pagette Hoke, over the weekend and was incredibly impressed by her DIY! This has been added to my To Do list upon moving in to my new apartment, and I can't wait! Check out her tutorial here, and the rest of her blog too ;) The DIY originates here, but take caution - this website will open the floodgates!
Hooray for crafts.


My Future Springer and Bull...Dog, that is.

Friends, meet Leo. The first Springer I've ever met, and Michael's great and only competitor for my affection.
I love my little Buddy and Michael's family dogs, but lately I'm anxiously thinking of my own little babies! I was born and raised with golden retrievers (well not really born, but I'm sure I used to pretend) and once I have a family of my own I will want to go back to that breed, but until then I feel it's necessary to be prepared for my in-between stages :)

So I would like have my own little Leo, the (2nd) best snuggle buddy ever.

Those eyes make me melt.

Andd I've always dreamt of having a fat, rolly bulldog that I can name Oscar, Rufus or Winston...or something of the like.

My friends and family think I'm crazy, but how can you not love a lil' friend with a 'tude like that?!
Hopefully Springers and Bulldogs can be bffs.

Do you have dogs? What's your favorite breed??


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Slow and Steady Grind

Last weekend Michael and I headed up to Green Bay.
13.1 for me, 26.2 for him.
The 30-40 mph wind was slightly less than motivating at the start....and throughout the rest of the race.
Yikes! Typically I'm smiling, haha, but this race was a definite exception. Michael's family is very persuasive and encouraging - I joined them this weekend only planning to spectate and cheer. But over dinner and a beer I found myself accepting a registration packet, and the next morning I showed up at the start. Smart idea? Maybe not.
But I ran with Michael's dad, and slow and steady I made my way through the 13 miles and into the (not-so) Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field! Go Pack Go :)
Through constant prayer I chugged along, often at the same speed as those walking around me. But on a crazy windy day and without any training, I completed this half marathon for the 3rd year in a row.
The human body and mind continue to amaze me, but I know that it was my constant prayer that carried me through, PTL! I was so happy to have completed it, and was still able to cheer on Michael for his last few miles!

Here's to opening the season with a bang!

Ps. I'm sorry if this posted more than once! I kept getting interrupted while blogging and as I would try to press Save, my hand would spasm and I would press Post instead - oops!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Clothes Like Furniture

I love this motto, mainly because half of my closet is still from high school or passed down from my mom or older sisters. My mom always taught me to buy classic pieces; buying lower in quantity and higher in quality. I'd like to think they're aging with me, 5-10 years later! No wonder so many of my jeans are getting holes in them!

I also love J.Crew's appreciation for dressing wildly colorful like a box of crayons. If I were to have a coined style, that would be it. Elegantly classic, and wildly colorful like a box of crayons. It just tickles me pink ;)

*photos of J.Crew's June catalog taken via iPhone


Minnesooota, the brother of Wiscaaansin

Michael had to travel for work this week, and never being to Minneapolis before, we decided to make a weekend of it!

Michael made himself right at home at the hotel.

We spent an entire day at the Mall of America, proudly doing very little shopping.
We left the aquarium wanting to buy a baby tortuga and name it Herman. I loved watching their little legs swim around! Aren't the colors beautiful? Aren't you impressed by our realistic fish impersonations?

Waiting for the perfect background scene was no easy task - note the concentration.

In the morning I was scoffing at the mall's "play area," making comments about "kiddy rides."
I was wrong. Can you see me drooling in this picture? It's because I lost control of my face. Please also note Michael's enthusiasm..or fear? Hard to tell ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Hairy Resemblance

I feel like whenever you're told you resemble a certain celebrity, you immediately become their biggest fan. I've always been drawn to Keri Russell for that reason, so I was excited to see her featured in Elle Decor! I've always loved her laid back yet elegant demeanor, and I love how it's reflected in her home.

Does this make you want to watch Felicity? All I recall from that show is her ginormous hair...which is probably why I was told we're similar, hah! Bring on the summer humidity so I can channel my inner Keri.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hootie Hoo

Owls are everywhere lately and I can't get enough of this adorable owl family by Estate Eclectic's Etsy shop!
and then they introduced this lil fella..
and now I'll be on the prowl for adorable old umbrellas to fill my future owl friend and his family. Until that day in the future, I will drool...and hoot in anticipation.

Hootie Hoo, homies.

Estate Eclectic is one of my new favorite blogs and I basically just copied their entire post, it's so adorable! Check them out if they're new to you too!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


With my little J.Crew splurge you may have thought "Good for you! What's the big deal? We deserve to treat ourselves every now and then!" That is correct. But my "every now and then" turns into a binge, and when I'm in the midst of simplifying my wardrobe and focusing on bigger financial goals, my life needs all the purging it can get.
But binge it did!
At Victoria's Secret. Hello bikinis! anddd then again at Forever21. Holy cow. I forgot that store! Plain colored tee's and longsleeves for less than $5!? What? I acted like I'd never see a plain cotton t-shirt again. Do I need one in every color of the rainbow? Probably not. But will they make my closet look beautiful? Why yes, yes they will.
So now a few yoga pants, bikinis, rompers, and cotton tee's later, I've fed my hunger for awhile and will return to the world of frugality...with a close eye on the mailbox of course ;)
Oh how I love packages!


Monday, May 9, 2011

I was being SO good.

Until I found it. The perfect nautical white and navy striped sweater at J.Crew.

With the exception of a little shopping in Denver, I have been very frugal in the past few months, immediately pressing the delete button at any sign of "Sale!" or "Must Have!" e-mails from my favorite stores. If I opened them, they would toxify my inbox, which would then toxify my wallet.
(Blogger is trying to tell me that toxify isn't a word? What? Shame on you.)
But when I saw the sweater (that I had been searching for for months), I had to give in. Which led me to the sale section, which then led me to the lacy tuxedo shirt that I need for work. It's true. I really do need it.
What? You don't believe me? OkayYouWin.
But nevertheless, they were purchased, and are hopefully on their merry way to my doorstep.

and I can't wait :)



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